Guys and Dolls


Rehearsals are under way for this beloved Broadway classic.  Guys and Dolls is being staged by a joint venture of KC Productions and Pro-Am Performing Arts Corp.  The joint venture is called “The Encore Musical Theater Company” (ENCORE) and Guys and Dolls will be our first joint production. Directed by and starring Alex Santoriello and produced by Joan Knapton, Guys and Dolls features a cast of seasoned professionals and some of the best talent The Villages has to offer including:

  • Alex Santoriello
  • Kathleen Kane
  • John Rogerson
  • Jill Marrese
  • Tim Casey
  • Robert Stehman
  • Sam Rosalsky
  • Jim Beddia
  • and many more!

Many more details will be coming as we move through the Summer so follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.