Musical and Theatrical Performance Classes

I want to introduce Alex Santoriello who is an American actor, singer & producer best known for originating roles in three Broadway musicals “Les Miserables” (1987), “Chess” (1988) and “Three Penny Opera” (1989) and as a producer on the Broadway musical “A Tale of Two Cities” (2008). He is the real deal. His experience in the theatre and in other ventures is on record and for your information.

Alex will perform the role of Don Quixote in the classic musical “Man of La Mancha” in the spring of 2016 for KC Productions. This summer he is developing classes in conjunction with KC Productions, in theater….voice, Song performance, Intermediate Acting and Introductions to the Stage plus most every aspect of the theatre disciplines.   He is proficient in all areas. I am proud to have him in the KC Production family.

You may reach him at  or 352 425 6430. He will be holding classes on Tuesday from 12:30 pm 4 Sea Breeze. He is currently accepting attendees for the Summer classes.