Forever Plaid


Once upon a time, there were four guys (Sparky, Smudge, Jinx and Frankie) who discovered they shared a love for music, and then got together to become their idols – The Four Freshman, The Hi-Lo’s and The Crew Cuts. Rehearsing in the basement of Smudge’s family’s plumbing supply company they became “Forever Plaid”. On the way to their first big gig, the “Plaids” tare slammed broadside by a school bus and killed instantly. It is at the moment when their careers and lives end, that the story of Forever Plaid begins.

Our talented cast brings this delightful walk down memory lane to life.  Enjoy some of the Boy Group classics from the Fifties and Sixties including:

  • Three Coins in the Fountain
  • Gotta Be This or That/Undecided
  • Moments to Remember
  • Crazy ‘Bout Ya Baby
  • No, Not Much
  • Cry
  • Sixteen Tons/Chain Gang
  • The Golden Cardigan/Catch a Falling Star
  • Heart and Soul
  • Mercury/Lady of Spain
  • Scotland the Brave
  • Shangri-La
  • Love is a Many Splendored Thing