The Neil Diamond Experience

KC Productions is proud to bring the highly acclaimed production of The Neil Diamond Experience to the Savannah Stage October 23 and 24th. The featured singers are Jamie Klatt, Billie Thatcher, Donna Evans, Donna Fraley singing the songs of Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand plus a cast of talented resident dancers and singers.

Songs from 1980 to 2015 Klatt and Company present all Neil Diamond hits. Closing the show “Coming to America” will have the audience leaping to their feet. It was written and originally recorded by Neil Diamond, relea 1980 as part of The Jazz Singer soundtrack album. The song was a hit single in the United States in 1981, reaching number eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

Combining Jamie Klatts’ typically powerful melody, dynamic arrangement, and bombastic vocal in his Diamond concerts, The Neil Diamond Experience, is sure to please. It’s a show you can’t miss. Rearsals are Saturday 9-1:20 Lake Miona for full cast and Tuesday at Bradenton from 6-9 for dancers. Tickets go on sale for voucher holders August 24th and September for others.